Benefits of joining the stakeholder register

  • Engage with the Welsh Government on policies and services that matter to you
  • Engagement made easy – tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll keep you informed
  • Engagement tailored to you – join as a member of the public, a business or a public sector employee

Welcome to the Stakeholder Register

Public engagement is essential to the sound development and running of public services. 21st century digital communications make it easier than ever for people to engage with government.

By joining the Stakeholder Register you can tell us what policies and services you’re interested in and we’ll make sure to consult with you, and send you information:

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Why join the stakeholder register?

Being consulted and informed about the things that matter to you

We want to engage with you about policies and services that matter to you. Maybe you’re a business interested in Welsh Government support? Or a fisherman interested in fisheries policies?

It's easy

It’s flexible to your needs

Recognising your different roles

Anyone can register!

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Getting on the Register is easy and it only takes 10 minutes at most

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You can update your details and preferences at any time; we’ll even send you reminders!