Welsh Government

Beta Rydym wedi ailddatblygu'r gwasanaeth yma – gallech chi adael eich adborth, feindiwch allan mwy neu mynd yn ôl i brif safle Busnes Cymru

Wildlife Trusts Wales

Wildlife Trusts Wales works in partnership with the six local Wildlife Trusts in Wales: North Wales, Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire, Brecknock, Gwent, and South and West Wales.

Wildlife Trusts Wales believe passionately that wildlife and natural processes need to have space to thrive, beyond designated nature reserves and other protected sites. To achieve this it is vital that the richest wildlife sites are protected and sustained as a starting point from which nature can spread back into our wider landscapes. And at sea we must also protect areas now for a future when our marine wildlife can thrive more widely.



Rachel Sharp

Job Role

My present role is the CEO for Wildlife Trusts Wales (WTW), which is a charitable Trust set up to co-ordinate the activities of the six Welsh Wildlife Trusts and act as an interface with public bodies, including the Welsh Government and key stakeholders. In Wales the Wildlife Trusts have 24,000 members and manage 216 nature reserves, covering more than 6,400 hectares of prime wildlife habitat.

Enw cyntaf Rachel Enw Olaf Sharp E-bost rsharp@wtwales.org